As everyone knows, the construction industry is a national industry mainstay of the economy of China, Chinas GDP 5600000000000 yuan in fixed assets investment is realized by the construction industry. However, in recent years with the development of the national construction industry, probably will be no quantitative construction waste. For example, the construction of the high speed train in rural areas, city plan, renovation of old urban neighborhoods and improve the ecological environment, basic construction investment 2300000000000 yuan per year, which represents 20% of GDP. The latest statistics show that the size of the annual housing construction in China, has more than 650000000 m2, a booming industry is to leave a very excited person. But the problem is worth to take seriously. The development of the same time the construction industry, how to deal with and use of construction waste has become a widespread concern. OMG mobile crusher processing capacity. In the work environment difficult place to run free, can climb, integration of equipment, good mobility. Parts of mobile crushers have a remarkable effect in the treatment of construction waste and other refuse. But also in the tailings, the waste treatment effect is larger. With the "on strengthening further the work of the life of the city waste disposal opinions expressed , live disposal in our country has been further improved. However, large-scale construction of buildings multistage caused by construction waste, blind reproduction, serious damage to the city sanitation of the environment and the living environment of the residents. In recent years, our garbage collection capacity the city of the country and transport networks mature, and constantly improve the waste disposal capacity. Improved city environment as a whole. But we also have to see, because of the rapid development of urbanization, the city overvoltage construction waste. The relative lack of waste disposal capacity. Some city facing the situation "siege garbage" seriously affects the environment of the city and social stability . Various regions, departments should fully understand the importance of enhancing the life of the city waste disposal and urgency, to unify their thinking further, improve understanding. Full implementation Of various policy measures to promote the work of urban life waste disposal, and create a good living environment, promote sustainable development of the city. Opinions provisions of the guiding ideology, basic principles and development objective of garbage city life, put forward to 2015, the harmless treatment rate of domestic garbage city reached over 80%. common garbage directly under the central government, provincial capital and city specifically designated in the state plan to achieve full of innocent treatment. For 2030, the trash of nation building city while the safe treatment of basic realization of garbage, setting complete piece sorting MSW collection and disposal. City construction equipment and waste treatment services to small towns and rural extension. Urban and rural construction waste treatment near life of the average level of developed countries. Mobile crusher make great contributions to the city building waste disposal. Mobile crusher is evident in the effect of the disposal of construction waste. Mobile crusher handling capacity, can be in the operating environment of a difficult place to run free, can climb, integration of equipment, good mobility. Parts of mobile crushers have a remarkable effect in the treatment of construction waste and other waste, but also the effect of tailings, waste treatment is more obvious.